Sunday, 12 October 2014

A place, A dream, A life!

My dream during high school is to have a house overlooking the sea. A house solely where the back yard is the beach. The sound of the waves during the night. This is the dream.

With all the holidays near the beach. This must make a reminder I shall have a home by the beach. To spend the holidays every day.

A home on the sea

My life is always to be with you

To shower overlooking the sea, watching the sunset is something I could never get bored

To have an infinity pool looking the world

Saturday, 16 November 2013

My 5th Anniversary

November is the month where I started to take a new turn in my life. It is where I started to have great memories. This is where my life was turn upside down. Love easily change a man from thinking bout himself to thinking about the future.

November 10. The day where I have found her. I will always remember the shyness and awkward moment that we had during that day. But happily we manage to get through that and we get to go through the best time of our entire life. To mark this day, what else but to enjoy our day with each other.

We start off with saturday huge lunch. Morganfield. Fill with Porky Pork. Then we continue to enjoy our time with family to have some home cooked meal. 
 Continued on Sunday with BBQ char siew in Aman Suria. Seremban best BBQ char siew.

The main course of the night. I full 5 course meal with her. A special girl requires a special dinner. 

 We end the night with a night view of the whole of KL with the twin towers right behind us. The day was exquisite and memorable as everytime I'm with you.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The End Of The Dragon And Enters The Snake Chinese New Year 2013

This Chinese New Year brings in new hope and new beginnings for me. Nevertheless it also brought me to different places to enjoy and experience. 

Pre-Chinese New Year, the days where all moods are no longer there to work but to play. To enjoy the company of family, friends and to gather all friends to catch up and to update in each others life. I as well enjoyed my company with my girlfriend and her colleagues to a place famous in Penang during Chinese New Year. 

One of the few that uses coal to heat up steamboat

While awaiting the soup to be cooked


After a good meal, we enjoyed ourselves to the streets and famous temple at Raja Uda. 

God of wealth please bless us every year

This uses good communication skill and we did it easily

Fireworks to mark the day of CNY

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ipoh Haven!

Ipoh, the city of food... true or false?? I leave that to you to judge, but this place indeed a food haven to all who adores variety of delicacies.. When comes to eating people will know Ipoh is one of the destinations to go to. 

So begins a journey between 6 people to venture on a hunt for all the delicacies available in Ipoh, though one is born in Ipoh while one practically tried everything Ipoh has to offer already. 

Breakfast begins at Thean Chun, famously known for its Ipoh hor fun and the egg custard. Thean Chun is known as The House of Mirrors but I have yet to know why such naming is given. Additionally, one of the must have breakfast in Ipoh is the egg tarts. It is one of the specialty of Ipoh where it is a must try.

Enjoying egg tart

Enjoying to the max

After a hefty meal, must never never forget to wash it off with the famous Ipoh white coffee. In Ipoh the famous white coffee is nowhere else other than Ipoh Old Town. This white coffee is one unique drink where every person on earth would definitely love it. Currently, in Ipoh Old Town there are two shops which are in equal in quality of its white coffee. One is Sun Yin Loong while the other is Nam Heong Kopitiam. They are both full of people and it is difficult to distinguish the coffee taste from any of the two apart.

The famous Ipoh White Coffee

Besides the food, Ipoh is rich in scenery in nature. Though it is known as a town but it is far better than the stressful life of Kuala Lumpur city. But to those who wish to look for excitement in Ipoh, you're placing a very high expectations. Nevertheless, Ipoh is a city will lots of unique temples for tourists visit. 

The first temple we went was called , this temple was made inside the cave. On the other side of the cave, a garden for tourists to enjoy the walk in the breeze. As for us, photo taking sessions is great to take the memories scenery.

Posing in the dark
Act sexy  

Posing action in the making 
No idea what is she trying to do

Next we went to the , this is a very unique place as it teaches and also provide games and stories for tourists. My dear and I underwent a trust and love test to understand the trust and understanding between a couple. Additionally, many games is also used to test knowledge, skills and performance of a person. 
Understanding the meaning of a certain puzzle

Start of the game

This is where she is in control

Will I finish?

Once we had such a "good exercise", it is time for lunch already. Another favorite food of mine is actually Ipoh "lieu" or it is called Ipoh stuffed side dishes where includes fried foods. Though the famous places are in the "tai shu kiok" or "the big tree" they call it, there is one place where it is as nice but its the vegetarian type. This place instead of all the stuffed fried food, they uses steam for their stuffed food which provide a much more simple and less heaty food.

Every meal in the stomach, we must exercise to keep fit. So the next visiting place we went to the famous Kelly Castle. This castle is rumored that it is built as a gift for his wife. So for all men, here is the benchmark level? (Well for me this is a huge benchmark though)

After the long and historical walk, dinner came along. We went to enjoy nice dinner with my dear's family at a restaurant. It may not be the best food ever, but it has above average food. And to end the day, we went supper to have ikan bakar to top it off.

Supper time

The next day we have spent our day at a place which I have never entered and explored since I was introduced to Ipoh. Surprisingly, this place is like a park/man made island just for tourists. Enjoyed the time a lot to just walk and enjoy nature.

After a hot and sunny day, we went to the one and only drive thru tau fu fa and soya bean to cool down ourselves.

Before the trip was over, we went to enjoy the famous Ipoh "lieu" which is under the tree and that wraps up the trip of Ipoh... (For the moment)